Saturday, 7 March 2009

It is so good to see people joining and following the blog. one of whom I see is lorraine Mckay.

If anyone reading this wants to know how to make great looking sugar models, be it Bride and Groom, Teddy bears, children whatever. You have to check out her site at Extra Icing It is a must and do have a go at the tutorials. They have been a great knowledge base for me and I was also was lucky enough to attend one of Lorraine's workshops. It really was a great experience, I would recommend them to anyone.

On another note completely, I have just done a large order with Bakers boutique for there laser cut cup cake cases and hope to have them for sale in the online shop soon. I want to be the place to get them so I will keep prices very keen. Keep an eye out for them.


  1. How funny is that! I just tidied up the kitchen so that I could have a go at one of Lorraine's teddies:) If it's worth looking at I'll blog about it later;)

  2. Well how did the teddy turn out Mrs P.
    Come on let us see it,If you show me yours I'll show you mine is what I should say. But to be honest I ran out of time on a childs cake and I used it. How lazy was that!!