Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Will put the Sugarveil "how to" up soon "Promise"

Hi all, I have been asked a lot about Sugarveil of late and I have promised a few people that I would put up the" HOW TO" that I did for Cakecraft magazine.
I will do it soon I promise but a little tied up with other things at present. Thank you all for your comments re the blog, its good that you read it.
Be back in touch soon with Sugarveil news.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Here is the One I did Earlier

Talking of CupCakes

Talking about cupcakes you may also like to know that I also have these amazing cupcake stands in store for kids parties. They are available in both Pink and Blue and I used one today for a little girls party cake. They are so easy to assemble and look great decorated with pink icing and frosting with pink sparkles.
You cant go wrong with these and they really are great value too!
I will take a picture of the one I completed before it gets collected and put it on tomorrow for you all to see.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Laser Cut CupCake Cases In Stock

Thought that I should let you all know that we now have the Bakers Boutique cupcake cases in stock and I hope that we are the cheapest on the net at £9.30 per pack. Let me know if we are not and by all means take a look at the shop.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Something about these cakes that I really liked

FPC Sugarcraft

Several years ago I purchased a few new moulds on ebay. Two out of the five I purchased were from FPC sugarcraft. Immediately you could tell the better quality ones were those from FPC.

Well it is some four years later now and I am pleased to say that I am still happy with and using some of the moulds. Yes that's right the FPC ones, the others found there way to the bin a long time ago.

FPC have gone from strength to strength and now have a large selection of moulds available at great value for money prices. There is more on the way too!

We have quite a large selection of these great little gems available through Varis Pipe Dreams at 22 high Street, Forres or indeed Online at our shop.
Have a look, you will not be disappointed.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

I Just love Sundays

Nothing to do with cakes at all.
When I was younger I used to sit and talk with my mum and watch her do the ironing on a Sunday lunch time. We would, my twin and I, help with the evening meal preparation and listen to mums "stereogram", god how old am I. For those younger people reading this it was like a sideboard with music coming out of it. State of the art and Hi Fidelity at the time.
Anyway not much has changed, I still love Sundays.
However, today I have Paul Weller playing from the I pod station instead of Nat King Cole. I am doing the ironing, washing, cooking, and baking while everyone else watches......
Mum must have loved it!
If I am lucky I will be finished before dark and then I can get to go and play with my beloved scooter.
See my life isnt just cake!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

It is so good to see people joining and following the blog. one of whom I see is lorraine Mckay.

If anyone reading this wants to know how to make great looking sugar models, be it Bride and Groom, Teddy bears, children whatever. You have to check out her site at Extra Icing It is a must and do have a go at the tutorials. They have been a great knowledge base for me and I was also was lucky enough to attend one of Lorraine's workshops. It really was a great experience, I would recommend them to anyone.

On another note completely, I have just done a large order with Bakers boutique for there laser cut cup cake cases and hope to have them for sale in the online shop soon. I want to be the place to get them so I will keep prices very keen. Keep an eye out for them.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Shall we meet

I have had a colleague from the British Sugarcraft Guild suggest a few of us like minded people in the North East of Scotland get together for a blether and a bite to eat. What do you all think, after all we have a fair few members of the BSG in North East Scotland and Skye now.
If enough people show interest then I will sort something out. If you are up for it then contact me though the shop, or indicate here on the blog.
Watch this space!
Friday March 6Th

We have now added two great ranges of new veiners and moulds offered for sale in the Forres shop and on line of course. We have Aldaval veiners and FPC moulds available in many different styles and designs.
We are now also stocking Airbrush kits from Iwata and airbrush cake colours at great prices.

Here are some of my favouite cakes, all very different.
Hello my name is Kevin Todd and I own and run Varis Pipe Dreams, in the beautiful town of Forres in North East Scotland.
Varis Pipe Dreams is the largest supplier of sugarcraft tools, sundries and equipment in Scotland.
We also produce some stunning cake designs from our shop in the high street in Forres, on top of this we make our own chocolates.
I am so excited about setting up this blog as it is something I have been meaning to do for such a long time.
The hope is it will give me space to offer help, advice and assistance to those in the sugarcraft world that may need it.
I am not, I realise the font of all knowledge but if I can help I will. And if I cant then I hope to be able to point you into the right direction.
Recently I have been asked a lot about Sugarveil, a new product from the USA that we use in many of our cake designs. I hope to use the blog to show people how to use it effectively.

This beautiful bride is cutting one of our delicious and decadent Crocenbouche.