Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Give him a break (Not Cake Related)

I am so fed up with hearing about the abuse and waste of public funds by our elected Members of Parliament at Westminster. I realise that some members of the house have indeed knowingly agreed to put items through on expenses, when any normal and rational thinking individual would think twice.
I think every individual has an inherent sense of what is wrong and right, and even if we do get a little blurred vision at times ,our gut feeling usually kicks in and helps us make the right choice.
I don't believe for one minute that you could forget you have paid off your mortgage for example Mr Morley, and therefore should no longer be claiming from the public purse for it. Indeed if you are so affluent as to be in the fortunate situation where you could forget such things then you should not be claiming in the first place.
Why the Rant..........
Well I have just seen the news at 10 on BBC 1 and Reporting Scotland and they are complaining now about Angus Robertson, my MP at Westminster.
Angus is one of the most hard working MPs in Westminster and indeed has been voted as such by other members of the house. I understand he sits on more committees than any other member too. He spends a great deal of time at Westminster and hence needs a London flat, and his expenses are being questioned when he has been in my opinion quite modest with his claims.
I recently moved home and now live in a little cottage in the countryside here in Moray, it cost me a great deal more than Angus claimed for his London set up!! And I already had everything I needed (or so I thought) moving from a Ardgye House.
I think the man should be given credit for being able to furnish his flat for the sum he did.
He is a brilliant hard working MP, both here in Moray and at Westminster for the people of Moray and Scotland. An asset to his party and his constituents.
Give him a break.........He is one of the good guys!!

Rant Over, next time cakes I promise lol

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  1. Totally agree with your Kevin. I've met Angus a few times when I've been campaigining for this or that and he is always very interested in what people have to say. He is very hard working and I dont think we should pay any attention to the media tittle tattle. I'll be voting for him again.