Thursday, 30 July 2009

You Wanted Some News!!!

From September the 4th 2009, we will cease trading at our shop at 22 High Street, Forres.
I am not leaving Forres or closing down; I am joining forces with MacLean’s Highland Bakery, I will still be making my cakes to my recipe but for the MacLean’s Bakery.
All of the wedding and celebration cake orders on our books will be transferred over to the bakery on the Greshop Industrial Estate, as of September 7th 2009.
You may be asking yourself why?
Well as many of you know, I have grown my business here at Varis Pipe Dreams from scratch and it has been very successful. We are now the largest supplier of Sugarcraft in Scotland and I have produced thousands of cakes.
It has got to the point where I am turning down business everyday and that in itself is not good for business. I really do not enjoy saying no to some of my very valued customers. I am very passionate about my work and want to build on the success I have had so far. I can no longer do this on my own and so I am very happy and excited to be joining the team at MacLean’s.
I really do believe that this will be the best thing for both me, and MacLean’s Highland Bakery. We are going to be “The Number One place in Scotland, for any wedding or celebration cake”
We will still be selling all the sugarcraft supplies, sundries and consumeables from our shop at Maclean's Highland Bakery on the Greshop Industrial Estate. Indeed we have some amazing plans to grow the sugarcraft business even further here too.
So, exciting times ahead, I will keep you informed of even more changes to come in the very near future.


  1. Hi Kev
    Aaw thank you for mentioning me in your blog!! You are so easy to "nag", one word from me and you're off to the PC!!

    I'm not sure how I feel about your big news - the shop in High Street is so lovely to visit but if it's going to work out better for you & Mark that's great - so long as you still make all those lovely chocs!!!!

    All the best and lots of love .... Rosie & Chris & Fred - now aged 1 in human years although didn't partake of the cake - but everyone else did!!!

  2. Wishing you every success, Kevin!!

  3. When did my Number One slot slide down the scale?? I'm so offended! LOL! Of course I am winding you up my dear friend. I know you have thought long and hard about this and I also know that you will have success no matter what you do. I am keen to know of your changes and what the exciting times are. If you need to the help of an International Sugar Hero...that's me in case you needed a picture drawn...then I'll be happy to stick my oar in. I hope to see you in September perhaps if you have a moment to spare. BEST of luck sweetie. x